Ward Care Bed Deluxe 7100-D


Ward Care Bed Deluxe 7100-D

Overall Approx Size : 1980mm L X 1090mm W X 610mm HT

  1. Detachable Polymer Molded Head and Foot Panels.
  2. Legs fitted with Superior Quality PVC Shoes.
  3. Four Side IV Pole Location.
  4. Polymer Molded Safety Side Railing -2 pcs
  5. The Bed Frame made from 60mm x 30mm of 16g ERW Tubes.
  6. Four Section M S Top made of 18g CRCA sheet.
  1. Chart Holder (e-0016)
  2. Urine Bag Hook(e-0011)
  3. Saline Arrangment (e-0001)
  4. Crib Attachement (e-0012)
  5. Premium Sheela Group -40 Density Mattress Suitable for semi- fowler Bed.(m-0156)
  6. S.S Collapsible Side Rail( ex-1000)
  7. Powder Coated Collapsible Side Rail ( ex-1001)
  8. Powder Coated Tuckdown Railing ( ex-1002)
  9. S.S Tuckdown Railing ( ex-1003)
  10. Motorized Backrest function Available (code : 7100-m)

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Gita Mediquip is a foremost Hospital furniture manufacturer and supplier that deliver designs that are valuable. Serving for more than three decades in this league, we have delivered solutions to the top hospitals and have global footprints and wide clientele base. We take pride in our design solutions that equips care spaces with the most comfortable designs. We aim to support caregivers in their noble deed and help patients have a cozy and comforting experience.

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