4 Prerequisites for Any Maternity Clinic

4 Prerequisites for Any Maternity Clinic

Whether you’re an obstetrician or a gynaecologist wanting to open a clinic or a hospital, you can’t disregard proper medical infrastructure provisioning.

Any maternity infrastructure must have certain basic furnishings in order to be well-equipped. The following hospital furniture is required in maternity practice. Here is a list:

Examination table

A basic piece of furniture required to conduct any gynaecology exam is a gynaecology examination table. It is specially made for examining gynaec conditions. The examination table for gynaecology comes with an adjustable headrest, lithotomic rods with a belt for the footrest and a u-shaped cut at the lower end of the bed for exposure to the pelvic for examination.

Labour table

Labour tables are inevitable in a nursing facility. These are designed to support a birth-giving mother with side rails to hold, lithotomic rods with belts to support legs and give maximum exposure to the medical practitioner. Made of robust materials and rexine upholstery, they can withstand pressure and fluid disposals.

Examination couch

An examination couch specifically developed for gynaecological purposes offers a well-thought-out and thorough approach to conducting comprehensive medical examinations. A good gynaecology examination couch should be non-slippery, convenient to maintain, have drawers for storage of instruments for various tests, be able to handle overweight patients, have adjustable leg rests, and be operated manually or remotely, among other things.

Here’s a list of some crucial characteristics to look for in a gynaecological examination couch:

  • Lower end bed with a ‘U’ incision, two lithotomy rods, and a belt.
  • Step stool
  • Rexine upholstery on a form mattress.
  • Swing tray.
  • Abundant drawers and cabinets.

Stretcher on trolley

A maternity centre has to be prepared for emergencies. To address emergency patients a stretcher trolley is inevitable. Railing with saline nob, frame to fit oxygen cylinder, rexine bed with belts to prevent a patient from rolling over is all needed in a stretcher.

To summarize, these beds are a must in a women’s care facility to render care, carry out procedures and conduct examinations. Having good quality furniture is extremely important to prevent recurring repair and maintenance expenses and thus Gita Mediquip is trusted as the best hospital bed manufacturer in Ahmedabad.


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