3 Essential Patient Ward Furnishing Accessories

3 Essential Patient Ward Furnishing Accessories

Furniture is an intrinsic part of hospital infrastructure. It facilitates rendering essential patient care while fostering their living needs.

Certain furniture pieces such as a plain or electric ICU hospital bed saline rods, examination table, waiting area couch, etc are quite basic. Having some extraneous furniture can not only enhance your infrastructure but also cater to your patients with more ease.

Moving ahead, in this blog, we will throw some light on 3 must-have furnishing accessories in a patient ward room whether it is a sharing room, general ward, or a private ward.

Bedside locker

Patients admitted at your hospital bring along their essentials such as keys, wallets, mobiles phones, bathing stuff, etc. Some of these things should be handy as they may or may not be in a condition to move about. Thereby, a hospital bedside locker is inevitable alongside a patient bed. It facilitates them in storing and accessing their frequently used items easily and safely. Further, even for hospital staff, it is easier to keep things like thermometers, oximeters, etc handy every time they make a check on a patient’s condition.

The bedside locker range at Gita Mediquip is considerable. There are specialized laminated bedside lockers, complete stainless steel bedside lockers, and a combination of a locker and a table with a laminated or stainless-steel top. You may find bedside lockers with drawers for additional storage.

Bedside table

A hospital bedside table and bedside locker are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. Primarily, there is no enclosed locker on a bedside table. It is rather built to place medicines, bowls, or other handy items near the patient for care and comfort. In a bedside table, only a tray is settled at the depth so that patients can easily access things. Typically, it has a complete stainless-steel body and a stainless-steel top with a railing. Further, it is made up of a tubular framework with PVC shoes on the legs. It may not be ideal for storing valuable items, but it is ideal for storing items that require accessibility.

Patient relative sofa

Relatives visiting a patient needs to be accommodated to although temporarily. Especially, in a private ward, a sofa or a comfortable bench should be placed for extra seating. That includes bedside stool for relatives as well as visiting doctors.

In final words, the furniture you need depends on your infrastructure, space, budget, and many other factors. If you do not wish to compromise on quality then visit Gita Mediquip, a trusted hospital bed manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

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