3 Must have patient room essentials

patient room essentials

The unpredicted pandemic made us realize the need to strengthen the medical infrastructure of the nation. It is undoubtedly remarkable how quickly hospitals and the government came together to facilitate a swarm of patients in such a short time.

Now, as medical facilities take a sigh of relief, manufacturers of medical equipment, machinery, and hospital furniture in India are working to their full capacity to support hospitals and other medical centers in rendering utmost care to the patients.

In terms of patient care, three pieces of hospital furniture just cannot be overlooked.

Patient ward bed

It goes without saying. You cannot expect a patient to rest on a couch throughout their stay. Ward beds come in a wide variety but mainly with a manual crank mechanism. Hospitals usually deploy electrically operated beds in ICUs or ICCUs. These beds are either full fowler with adjustable head and leg rest, semi fowler with adjustable headrest, or plain ward beds with detachable laminated or powder-coated head and foot panels. The foam mattress with a rexine cover facilitates easy cleaning and comfort.

Bedside locker

Mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc. are some essentials patient brings with themselves to the hospital and require storage to keep them. A hospital bedside locker is quintessential, especially in general wards or sharing wards where valuables are at risk. At Gita Mediquip, our bedside locker range is extensive. You can find sophisticated laminated bedside lockers, full SS bedside lockers, a combination of a locker, and a table with a laminated or SS top. Some bedside lockers also come with drawers for extra storage.

Bedside table

A hospital bedside table is different from a bedside locker, such that there is no enclosed locker. Instead, just a tray is fixed at the depth so patients can access things easily. Gita Mediquip’s bedside table is made of a complete SS body and SS top with railing. It has a tubular framework with legs fitted with PVC shoes. It may not be ideal for storing valuables but is good for keeping things needing easy access, such as medications, patient files, etc.

It is the choice of a medical facility to how many furnishings they want to provide in a patient room for patient care and staff. Step stools, bedside stools, and patient relative couch are other furniture pieces you can add to the list.

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