Best Tips to Choose Plain Hospital Bed

Tips to Choose Plain Hospital Bed

Plain hospital beds are designed to provide optimum comfort to hospitalized patients and they come with a lot of features. If you have been looking to buy hospital beds for your medical facility and don’t know how to choose the right bed, this post will help you a huge deal.

1. Comfort and transportation

You will have to be attentive to a few aspects while choosing a hospital bed. If you are looking to buy beds for critical patients who find it difficult to move and need proper care and comfort, then plain hospital beds aren’t the right choice. In this case, you will need electric hospital beds that can be power operated.

2. Positioning

Positioning is an essential aspect while making a choice, whether you are choosing a gynecology examination couch or hospital bed. This is because patients need support to change their position in the bed and the majority of hospital beds in the market come with different positioning options.

3. Modularity

Modularity is another crucial point to consider while choosing a plain hospital bed. This includes removable bed panels and clip-on bed rails among others.

4. Size of the bed

Dimensions of the bed and whether you need a single or double base are some other factors to take into account. You must always buy a bed that is longer than your patients’ maximum height.

5. Built-in storage

A storage tank is used for storing IVs and oxygen tanks within a comfortable distance. You can also store other items in case you need to move the patient to another room due to changing treatment needs. Some beds are also provided with a scale to weigh patients who are unable to move.

6. Mattress options

Hospital authorities always look for beds that are easy to clean, comfortable, and supportive. Buying such beds becomes even more important when it is about long-term bed ridden patients. They find it immensely difficult to move themselves and as a result get bed sores. These days you can find memory foam and gel mattress options as well. These mattresses help reduce pressure sores to a big extent. If you are looking to upgrade your hospital beds, you must take into account mattress options as well.

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