Important Features in an ICU Bed

Features in an ICU Bed

As the name suggests, ICU beds are hospital beds used in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), also known as Intensive Therapy Units (ITUs) or Critical Care Units (CCUs). These special units provide care and treatment to patients who are seriously ill. An ICU bed should have certain special features to best support and treat the patients.

Each bed in the ICU space should be engineered in a manner that could best support the patients and allow the caregivers to offer the best possible care to their patients.

ICU beds are different from other hospital beds and require specialized ergonomics. According to the Department of Health and Social Care, every ICU bed should include the following three requirements:

It must be electric

ICU beds must be electrically powered so that they can be operated using a control panel or a handset rather than requiring the staff to reposition the patient bed manually.

It must offer Trendelenburg and Chair position

Every motorized ICU bed should be capable of offering a cardiac chair and Trendelenberg position to support ill patients at its best. These positions facilitate circulation and respiration to aid bodily function.

It must accommodate a pressure-relieving mattress

Replacement air mattresses and foam mattresses are used for pressure relief. ICU beds must have proper dimensions to fit these pressure-relieving mattresses. It ensures the best support to the patients in their ill condition.

The above three are the must-have features in any standard ICU bed.

Moreover, features like CPR release, IV poles with hooks, nurse controls, and removable head and foot beds are also some features that are proven important in a critical care hospital setting.

ICU beds should be equipped to support rapid response while ensuring proper comfort of the patients. Most hospitals prefer flexible and versatile beds that can be used in other areas of the hospital as well.

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