Different Types of Hospital Beds at a Glance

Hospital Beds

It is impossible to imagine a medical facility without hospital beds. There are myriad of hospital beds available in the market and you got to choose the type that best suits your needs. There are electric, semi-electric and fully-electric hospital beds available in the market. And that’s not it! There are plenty of other bed types manufactured by hospital bed suppliers in India. If you segregate these bed types on the basis of care and function, you will see how versatile these bed types are.

Let’s take a look at those bed types in detail.

  1. Hospital beds by the type of care you need
  • Critical care beds
  • Curative (acute) care beds
  • Long-term care beds
  • Adjustable Hospital Beds
  • Specialty Hospital Beds
  • Rehabilitative care beds
  1. Hospital beds on the basis of their function

OT equipment manufacturers also manufacture quality hospital beds of various types.

Electric beds

An electric bed is one of the most advanced bed types in the current era. You will often find these beds in all multi-specialty hospitals. These beds are way more user friendly as compared to manually operated beds. These beds are known for providing added comfort to the patient. They also increase the staff’s efficiency. Owing to the benefits they offer, these beds are more expensive than traditional or manual beds, but the investment is certainly worth your penny.

Gatch Bed

Gatch beds have been used in hospitals for ages now. You will often spot these beds in nursing homes or older medical facilities. These beds offer comfort and do not need the use of electricity.

Low air loss bed

A low air los bed is equipped with special cushions and air blow system which is in place to blow air into the mattress sacs. These beds are specially designed for the burn units of hospitals and for patients with skin grafts. These beds help keep them cool and dry at all times.

Motor-powered ICU beds

If you need beds of patients with minimal independent activity then these motor driven ICU beds must be your pick. These beds provide utmost comfort to patients who are seriously paralysed. Besides, these beds are ideal when you have a limited staff.

Collapsible hospital beds

Ideal for patients who are recovering from fractures apart from other bedridden patients. These beds are well-suited for patients with different learning and sleeping needs.

There are a number of suppliers providing hospital furniture in India and you must choose only the authorized ones which have been around for a while like Gita Mediquip. For more information about OT equipment, feel free to write to us.

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