Why Hospital Equipment Maintenance is Important?

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With hospitals across the globe experiencing a surge in the patient inflow, there arises a surmounting need for proper medical furniture and equipment maintenance. With advancing medical research and technology, we cannot ignore the need to maintain hospital equipment and install improved facilities. The medical equipment and maintenance industry has witnessed a growth of 1.7 percent and have reached $3 billion in revenue.

In today’s time, especially in the middle of this pandemic, the world has realized the importance of better and competent healthcare services. Better healthcare services are difficult to provide with inefficient equipment management. The importance of maintaining hospital furniture and other equipment is largely undermined and we have seen even many reputed hospitals failing to manage and maintain their hospital equipment. The medical world hasn’t emphasized enough on the importance of equipment maintenance and how it affects your overall healthcare services.

Why Furniture and Equipment Maintenance is so important?

  • We are living in an era of cost-intensive medical care and ensuring optimum ROI is needed more than ever.
  • Constantly increasing demand for improved diagnostic facilities requires well-functioning and maintained equipment.
  • State-of-art OT equipment and furniture powered by the latest technology requires timely maintenance
  • Progress in development in treatment procedures
  • Doctors are becoming more resourceful and hence taking a more investigation-oriented approach for treatment
  • Increase in patient expectations for superior care
  • Adaption of modern computer tech for enhanced healthcare services
  • Specific use of equipment for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation
  • Modern medical furniture and equipment are considered assets for every healthcare center as they have the potential to directly affect the lives of patients
  • Medical furniture and equipment are costly investments and hence they should provide the best ROI through optimum use.
  • Maintenance keeps the equipment safe and reliable to leverage in times of need
  • Equipment maintenance prolongs the life of the equipment and ensures cost effectiveness

Prime Objectives of Medical Furniture and Equipment Maintenance

  • To optimize the utilization of the furniture/equipment to ensure maximum return on the invested capital
  • Cost efficiency
  • Better utilization is likely to reach break-even point quickly
  • Optimal patient handling enhancing the overall experience of patients
  • Ease of recovery for patients
  • Superior patient care and satisfaction
  • Ensures the safety of the patients
  • Boosts reputation, builds trust and improves relationships with patients

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