Points to Check While Buying Bedside Table for Hospitals


Bedside Table for Hospitals

As we are the Hospital bedside table manufacturer, we try to make these bedside lockers light in weight and appropriate for hospital care. Let’s see what points to check while buying a hospital bedside locker.

  1. A table should have a top drawer with a lock sometimes, easy for patients to keep their valuables if any.
  2. There should another drawer below with a better depth inside which can be pulled easily.
  3. Wheels should be attached to the side table so that it can be easily movable according to the patient’s reach.
  4. Sometimes the upper drawer can be an open space and that design does not have wheels to move.
  5. A bedside table can look elegant with the material used like wood or the color which can match the room design.
  6. It has a cabinet with a shelf, an S.S towel hanger, and a utility container for medicines. The overall design of this bedside locker is modern and versatile.
  7. The furniture should be appealing so that the patients can feel relaxed instead of adding to their stress and anxiety by monotone furniture.
  8. It should be easy to clean and maintain.

We being the top hospital bed manufacturers have made these bedside lockers specially designed the way our client had asked them for providing their patients the best service to secure their valuable personal belongings, and medicines. Master keys can be provided as per requirement. The size of these drawers can easily fit in well with any room and would match with the room decor. Strong and durable with four castors and easy to move the cabinet with a variety of floor surfaces such as the concrete floor, or laminate. We have tried our best to provide hospital furniture in India according to the needs and requirements of every hospital.  We try to keep our products updated with the trend and needs of the hospitals in India.

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