Top 4 factors to keep in mind while purchasing an examination couch

As a visionary health-care facility, you certainly provide top-notch and courteous treatment to your patients, but you also need to have a good patient examination tables in your hospital. There are times when clinics and hospitals get confused about which table to go for and how to choose the best hospital examination table for their medical facility. If you are reading this post, chances are that you too are looking to buy quality examination couches, but are not aware of the factors you need to keep in mind while buying them.

Examination couch

In this post, we will share 4 key points you need to keep in mind while buying patient examination tables.

Adjustability and elevation

Doctors and nurses need the patient to be in a certain position while treating them. Depending upon the kind of test or examination they need to perform, patient’s position is needed to be changed. You also want to make sure that the patient doesn’t face any sort of discomfort and hence adjustability is a crucial factor to take into consideration while buying a hospital examination table. Quality tables manufactured by top hospital furniture manufacturers are designed in such a way that patient of various heights and weights can be treated without causing any sort of discomfort.


There are times when you need to move the examination couch from one place to another. If you buy a table which is easy to move, you can save your staff from a lot of hassles. When it comes to portability, you want to buy a table that’s light in weight and from quality material. Tables made of light weight material such as titanium and aluminum are therefore considered a great choice.


Examination tables are an investment and while you are investing in them, you want to buy tables which offer you convenience and ease of use. Storage is one such aspect which you need to keep in mind while buying a table.


Buy tables which can be customized according to your practice specific requirements. For instance surgeons and dentists need tables which have drawers to store tools needed for examination. Gynecologists need a table that can support stirrups.

By keeping these points in mind you will be able to buy tables that solve your purposes. Hope you found the post informative and useful. For more information pertaining to top hospital bed manufacturers, feel free to touch base with us. We will be more than happy to resolve your queries regarding patient examination tables. If you need expert advice about buying furniture for your entire hospital, you can write in to us or call us on our number.

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