Tips to Safely Transport Patients to Hospital Beds

The medical industry is quite dynamic and ever-evolving. If there is one industry that needs to be progressive all the time, it is the health-care industry. After all, it contributes to better patient care. Typically, every hospital staff has to face many challenges on a routine basis. Moving patients from one place to another is certainly one of them. While the absence of the right equipment makes it an uphill and tedious task for the hospital staff, it causes discomfort to the patient as well. Particularly transporting a patient who is already on ICU bed from one place to another makes it even more difficult. There can be several other scenarios as well.

Top hospital bed manufacturers

Let’s take a look at some of the must have assistive devices which can make your job easy and causes no discomfort to the patient either.

Steering Assistance

Transporting a patient through narrow corridors while hundreds of people are passing by, is not easy at all. It makes it time consuming and can even be detrimental. Steering assistant features like a 5th wheel can really come handy in such situations. It makes the whole transportation process smooth and comfortable.

Robotic Hospital Bed Mover

It is recommended to have a robotic hospital bed mover in your hospital. Most of the top hospital bed manufacturers manufacture them and they half the force needed to push hospital beds. Their ergonomic design is aimed at reducing the use of manpower whilst increasing productivity and comfort.

Power Drives

Power drives are quite useful for an easy movement of hospital beds. According to a study conducted by Wiggermann in year 2017, the powered drive made the movement of a bariatric bed way easier than a manual movement. The study measured hand forces on 10 different caregivers and the comparison results were astonishing.

Modern hospitals always keep upgrading themselves with hospital furniture and equipment manufactured using the latest technology. Whether it is an ICU bed or other medical equipment and accessories, medical staff needs to be equipped with the best. It helps them provide better patient care which results in increased productivity and faster recovery.

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