Things Hospitals Need to Consider While Purchasing Capital Equipments

According to data, only 2% of India’s GDP is spent on healthcare. Purchasing equipment for hospitals is a long-term investment and hence, it is necessary to put money on quality equipment. Hospital equipment like ICU bed, examination couch, stretchers, etc need to be of high quality. Not just this, we have made a list of things hospitals need to consider while purchasing capital equipment.

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Things to Remember While Purchasing Capital Equipment

1 Direct dealing with the manufacturers

Hospitals can directly make deals with manufacturers. This will help them get discounts on wholesale purchases. For instance, big hospitals in cities need ICU beds in large numbers. On making deals with the ICU bed manufacturer, hospitals can get comparatively cost-effective beds.

2 Advantages of extended warranties

When you purchase any product, you can get an extended warranty for the same product by paying some extra amount. When it comes to purchasing capital equipment in wholesale, there would be an extra cost on each product. This will help hospitals provide high-quality infrastructure to their patients.

3 A Biomed purchase

Beds are not given much importance when it comes to hospitals. Beds are something that cannot be overlooked. Patients, who are brought into the hospital, need to be made feel comfortable. Hence, hospitals need to have convenient, comfortable capital equipment. It is okay to not have smart beds. Hospitals can try cutting costs by not ordering smart beds, but the basic comfort-providing beds. In case you don’t find any original equipment manufacturer, you can seek help from one of the top hospital bed manufacturers, Gita Mediquip for high-quality capital equipment.

4 Say ‘No’ to overspending

Hospitals have this bad habit of purchasing anything and everything, even when the budget is less. Knowing the difference between want, need, and necessity may be helpful. For instance, if the hospital purchases a bed, the hospital need not waste money on extensive bells and whistles. Instead of wasting money on ‘extras’ which are not even used, purchase something that is a necessary. Keeping a note on what is needed and spending wisely on the capital equipment of hospitals can help you save a lot of money.

Now that you know the things to be kept in mind while purchasing capital equipment, spend wisely. This can help hospitals provide quality treatment to their patients.

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