Tips for Choosing the Ideal Examination Couch

No matter what the specialization a clinic offers, medical examination couches are a universally-required health care tool. These versatile and dynamic couches play a crucial role in providing comfort to the patients while they receive the appropriate treatment.

The utility of the examination couch ranges from rendering a comfortable surface on which the patients can sit or lie down to helping a patient stay in a fixed position during the application of different medical procedures and treatments.

But although all examination couches provide the necessary support to patients, different types of couches produced by hospital furniture manufacturer in India offer various benefits.

That is why it is imperative that healthcare providers know which couch fulfills the maximum requirements of patients and also the features, size, and configuration that is most suitable for their practice

Examination Couch

Key features to look for in an Examination Couch

The configuration of an examination couch is one of the most significant details for customers to judge. There are three formats of couches available: standard, hi-low, and combination couches. Each type offers unique benefits and is equipped for specific medical practices.

Standard examination couches are most widely used one out of the subcategories and are the most likely to be found in various healthcare facilities. These couches are designed to support a broad variety of patients by rendering firm and padded support during examination and treatment. They also serve as a good baseline for comparing other couches, as they provide a stable and comfortable surface without the inclusion of additional features.

Hi-Low examination couches take standard couch one step further – they give the ability to move a patient vertically. With the use of a button or manually-operated gas spring system, couch rises or lowers down smoothly. Because of this ability to adjust the patient’s positioning and height without causing any stress to the patient, these tables are perfect for treating elderly or handicapped patients.

Combination examination tables are the perfect mix of examination and treatment couch characteristics. These couches are designed to be customized – users can attach or remove headrests, footrests, and more. Combo couches are commonly used in busy practices or emergency rooms, due to their utility and durability.

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