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While dealing with various patients and their different causes it’s mandatory to look for a suitable examination couch that fits their ailment. Be it a physiological examination, testing pupils, gynecological checkup or any other critical treatment, each of them requires a comfortable couch.  During the examination, patient might be told to bend down or lean at times which demands an action-friendly table. On the other side, doctors will also require various brackets in the examination table to keep the treatment amenities handy. Many examination OT equipment are available in the market, customized on the basis of some general aspects such as weight, height, condition, disease, stability, comfort and age of patients. Among all type of examination couches, gynaecology examination table is designed more specifically giving consideration to patients’ delicate state. Let’s acquire more about the gynecology examination couch.

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A pleasant and comfy operational couch is all you need to serve the childbearing physique

The gynecologist always tries to treat the patient gently to help them feel relaxed and healthy. Moreover, they prefer examination couch that can provide utmost comfort and rest to their patients during the checkup. Being mandatory thing for a pregnant woman, inspection couch should be designed optimal and attractive. Here are some of the considerations you need to check before choosing a gynaecology examination table:

  • The material of the seat- All-weather seats such as iron, wood, teak or metal.
  • Couch design- Be specific with colors on the bench. They should be pleasant and anti-mildew.
  • Easy head flap and ratchet arrangement.
  • Examination trolley and extensions.
  • Mattress cover should be suitable for the labor table.

Things you should know before buying a gynaecology examination table.

As mentioned above, examination table is one of the essential parts of the whole inspection process. When a patient visits the gynaecologist, they expect a certain level of sanitation and comfort while being examined. To make it easy for the doctors and patient there are many options available for a gynaecology examination table. But, being specific to patients’ condition here are some of the things you need to know before buying the couch.

  • Are any specific features available as additional tools with the table?
  • Are there any grips available to hold while laying down or getting up from the couch?
  • Is the examination table flexible to adjust according to the size of patient?
  • How is the portability of the table?

So, these were some of the aspects you need to watch out for before buying a gynecology examination couch from manufacturers. If you are in the search for the same, don’t forget to contact Gita Mediquip, one of the foremost hospital furniture manufacturers in Ahmedabad. We have wide-range of gynace tables to satisfy various needs of your patients.

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