How Are ICU Beds Different from Other Beds?

An ICU bed is a specially designed bed for the patients under the intensive care unit. ICU beds are generally made of anti-bacterial or anti-microbial properties (which most hospital equipment are made of), but the ICU bed manufacturers do make them the way other beds are made.

ICU bed manufacturers in India define the intensive care as “sophisticated equipment, specialized nurses, and physicians with critical care training.” But they do not have any specific definition for the ICU beds.

Motorized ICU bed manufacturer in India provides mechanical ventilation, some renal and other organ support, which lack in normal hospital beds. ICU bed manufacturers also provide with facilities like system of pressure ulcers prevention, emergency anti-shock positions, lateral tilting facility, and most of them have a capacity of 250 kilograms.


What are motorized ICU beds?

Motorized ICU beds are popular for their neat appearance, customizability in various specifications, accurate finish and sophistication. Motorized ICU bed manufacturer in India builds these with care keeping in mind the relaxation and utmost comfort of the patients. Prices are a little high and these come with different ranges like a three-function motorized bed, five-function motorized bed, etc.

ICU beds provide their own benefits to the patients as well as for the staffs.

For the Staff:

  • ICU beds are specially made for patient’s extra comfort, and easy to and for transfer of emergency staff, hospital wards, OT staff, etc.
  • They are designed in such a way that critical bedside processes like radiological procedures.
  • ICU beds are electrically operable, adjustable in length, height, and Trendelenburg position and the top should also be of radio-translucent material for carrying out an X-ray procedure at the side, an X-ray translucent back for high-pressure laminate.
  • They are easy to clean and are of UV radiation resistant material.
  • They are equipped with trusted actuators and control systems.
  • Spare parts are highly durable.
  • The 5th wheel allows one person to maneuver the bed.
  • Single and double castors.

For the Patient:

  • There is always a possibility of bed frame extension.
  • The reduced pressure in patient’s thighs and shanks are due to double auto-regress function.
  • Patient’s position is improved by a cardiologic chair.
  • Low bed frame allows patient’s movement.
  • There is the possibility of bed frame extension.
  • Controls on the beds allow the patient herself to choose the most comfortable position for her.
  • Easy opening and closing of side rails.

Some of the other common properties that are available are oxygen bottle holders, bedpan holders, urinal holders, controls in foot boards, easy removal of boards, scale systems, a tunnel for x-ray cassette, etc.


Although some hospitals have specific ICU beds, most of the hospitals have the general ones. Countries like the UK have a clear requirement and definition of ICU beds (Level 3 ICU), where patients receive facilities like advanced respiratory support, and a minimum of two organ support. ICU bed manufacturers in India needs to fulfill the specifications of European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC for the purpose of the safety parameter of their medical equipment.

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