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Visitor Seat Cum Bed 1900

Overall Approx Size : 1830 MM L x 620 MM W x 460 MM HT

Patient Seat Cum Bed 1900-A

Seat Position :750mm W X 660mm L X 450mm H

Approx Bed Position :750mm W X 1930mm L X 450mm HT

Three Seater Visitor Chair 1900-B

Overall Approx Size : 1830mm L x 620mm W x 460mm HT

Folding Wheel Chair 316

Overall Approx Size : 650 MM W x 1000 MM L x 900 MM HT

In Folded condition Approx Size : 260 MM W x 1000 MM L x 900 HT

Other Furniture & Hospital Accessories

Tailoring solutions for easy management

With our wide range of hospital furniture and necessary accessories, we aim to help patients, doctors, and visitors by providing a systematic and easy management. From examination tables to designer tables that equip hospital spaces to obstetric labor table, we offer extensive range of furniture that provides comfort and lends a decent experience.

Three Fold Screen 235

Overall Approx Size : 2300 MM x 1680 MM HT

Crib With Stand 255

Overall Approx Size : 900 MM L X 450 MM W X 900 MM HT

Crib Approx Size : 750 MM L X 375 MM W X 250 MM HT

Jumbo Oxygen Trolley 251

Overall Approx Size : 460 MM W x 1450 MM HT

Oxygen Trolley 250

Overall Approx Size : 400 MM W x 840 MM HT

Backrest 245

Overall Approx Size : 510 MM W X 610 MM HT

Side Rail EX-1000

Overall Approx Size : 1150 MML x 530 MM HT

Side Rail EX-1001

Overall Approx Size : 1150 MML x 530 MM HT

Why Gita Mediquip

We care

Gita Mediquip is a foremost Hospital furniture manufacturer and supplier that deliver designs that are valuable. Serving for more than three decades in this league, we have delivered solutions to the top hospitals and have global footprints and wide clientele base. We take pride in our design solutions that equips care spaces with the most comfortable designs. We aim to support caregivers in their noble deed and help patients have a cozy and comforting experience.

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