A Complete Guide to Choose Best-fit Examination Couch or Table for a Safe Medical Practice

A Complete Guide to Choose Best-fit Examination Couch or Table for a Safe Medical Practice

With the advancement in healthcare, the emphasis on the look and feel of the hospital is increasing regardless of a hospital’s specialization and focus. The overall ambience of a hospital plays a vital role in creating impact on patients and visitors. However best your services are, but people often have this habit of judging from the look of the hospital.Considering this factor significant, decent and elegant health care tools and hospital furniture are likely to assure patients about the quality products used and good services being provided.

For individual consultation, among all hospital furniture and specialized tools, an examination table is the most recognized piece of medical equipment. Everyone who pays a visit to the doctor’s office has had his eye on medical examination couch.Versatile and dynamic, these examination couches serve in many ways in the process of providing proper care to the patients. These couches are ideallyrequired to be washable, hygienic, stain-resistant, and adjustable yet comfortable surface for patients to sit or recline while being examined.

Examination Couch

Medical exam table or examination couch is a universally-required health care tool. With modern features and facilities, this table plays a major rolewhile providing care to patients. With these reasons, it is very important that caregivers understand which table meets the need of your patients, along with its feature, size, and configuration.

What to Look For In an Examination Couch

The configuration and features of a treatment table are one of the most important details for caregivers to consider. Presently, there are three types of examination tables available: combination, standard, and hi-low table. Each type has unique benefits and is made for specific practices.

Standard Tables

This type of tables is mostly found in large hospitals, doctor’s clinics, and doctor’s offices. Standard tables are the largest of all the subcategories of examination table. They are specially designed to suit different needs of patients by providing sturdy, padded support during the examination.

Compared with other types, the standard table provides reliable and comfortable surface without including additional features.

Combination Tables

These tables are an ideal mixture of the features of examination and treatment table. They are designed to be customized tables. Users can add or remove headrests and footrests. Combination tables are usually used in emergency rooms because of their durability and utility.

Hi-low Examination Tables

They are quite similar to the standard ones. These tables provide the ability to move patients vertically. With the flick of a switch or manual operated gas spring system, we can raise or lower the table smoothly. With their ability to shift the patient’s position and height without any stress, they are ideal for elder or handicapped patients.


Whenever you are looking for a treatment table, gynecology examination table, or simple examination table, identification of needs is the most important things to look first. Catering to all your needs of decent medical equipment, Gita Mediquip has been a pioneering manufacturer since more than five decades. Get in touch for equipping your care space with decent and elegant hospital furniture.


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